Terms of Sale

These Terms of sale has to be read and accepted in all its parts to validate the sale. The supplier of the items is Raffaele Vitolo s.r.l., (for the sake of brevity Vitolo s.r.l.), e the websites are www.valevi.it

Throught this website the customer creates a purchase proposal. The contract is closed with the reception of the purchase proposal. The customer will receive the confirmation of the order on his e-mail address to check it in all its parts. The base conditions to send an order are the major age of the customer and the to know his own Tax Number, for firms the Vat number. 
All item sold on this website are new. 

Item Avaibility
Item avaibility indication are just indicative for the possibility of multiple boughts in the same time. The customer will be noticed on his order conditions. The customer can cancel an order in every time untill it is shipped. In the same way receiving nothing after 20 days from the payment request the order will be cancelled. 

Items prices are showed in Euro, with VAT (20%), without VAT and net of shipping costs. For B2B customers Vat will not be caculated on the invoice. For order lower than 24,00 euros excluded vat and shipping cost will be added 5 euros for expenses. 
For international customer, we will find the best shipping solution according to the customer location and order. 
The customer can pay the items with:

- Bank Wire Transfer 
- PayPal 
- Credit card 
All goods are warrant for two year against material and make imperfections. The warranty cover only the good, it doesn't cover every direct or indirect damage. The returning shipping cost is paied from the customers while the exchange cost is paied from Vitolo s.r.l. 
Applayed Law
For every dispute will be applaied the italian right. 
Vitolo s.r.l. reserves his own right to change totally or partially in everytime and without advise the access to the website.